Haruskah Sampel Ulkus Kornea Untuk Pemeriksaan Mikrobiologi Diambil dari Tempat Ulkus?

Tahun 1997 Volume 32 Nomor 1
Oleh : Winarto


Sometimes, microbiological specimen collected from corneal ulcer patients are taken by nurse e.g. in word, OPD or laboratory. Therefore, possibly specimen from beyond the ulcer taken along with, which could lead to mister pretation.

To overcome such possible problem, we conducted a study to compare any bacterial species found on such areas, wether there are any disagreement with the bacteria found on the ulcer.

The results shows that the proportion of bacteria found on such areas are significantly different (Mc Nemar test) . It means that corneal ulcers specimen for microbiological examination must be taken from the ulcers it self, and should avoid any possible contamination from surrounding.