Faktor-Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan BBLR (Berat Badan Lahir Rendah) Studi di Kabupaten Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah

Tahun 1997 Volume 32 Nomor 4
Oleh : Wahyu Rochadi

A study to correlate and identify factors associated with low birth weight was carried out. The factors include characteristics of mother, nutritional state, healths state, ante natal care, hemoglobin level and iodine urine excretion.

The study was carried out in Wonosobo General Hospital and its surrounding area during the month of June to December 1995 . The first phase of the study was to collect descriptive information on the prevalence of low birth weight in Wonosobo, and the second phase was to find factors associated with the low birth weight cases.

Thirty low birth weight cases and their control were taken randomly from mothers delivering in the hospital. Descriptive analysis was carried out to find the distribution of all variables. Odds Ratio and chi square test were to see the association between risk factors and the outcome variable. T test was used to determine comparison numeric data between two groups.

The study revealed that there were 55 cases of low birth weight or 37.16% out of deliveries in the hospital during the month of June until September 1995. The mean birth weight was 2127.3 grams and birth length was 48.3 cm. Nine percent of the mothers came from outside Wonosobo. There were no difference in the age, weight and height of the mothers, number of children and miscarriage, hemoglobin level and iodine excreted in the urine of the mothers.

The same outcome was also found in the ante natal care, physical condition and food pattern of both groups. It is suggested to do similar study with higher number of samples and by including other important factors which is thyroid stimulating hormone level of the mothers.