Persentase Penduduk yang mengalami Gangguan Perialkun /Jiwa dan Kecacatan Berdasarkan Susenas 1995

Tahun 1999 Volume 34 Nomor 3
Oleh : Sarjaini Jamal. Suhardi

The purpose of this paper is to describe the percentage of psycolocal and phsicological defect including impairment and disability among the Indonesian population . This data were selected from  the National ,Socioeconomic Survey  (modul—Susenas ) 1995 and covered 65,664 housholds in 27 provinces study resulted 0,12% of population with leg impairments and 0.09% with hand impairment where more in rural area than urban area . About 1 6% of population with arthritis and 0. 72% with dimensia and 0.36% with paralysis,where more in rirul area than urban areas.This survey also resulted 0,75% of population  with disability in viceral, 0.78% in hearing and 0.28% in speaking , where all pheunomena are more in rural are than urban area .the prevalens of handicap was not specifik detected in this study because limitation of interviewer knowledge .Disease and accident are most causal of impairment and disability. This study suggest to the helth menagement to dealing mora ettention in promotion and prevention of disease that given more risk to be impairment to the victim (i.e.defiency vitamin A , poliomyelitis and ear infection) in other manufacturing and building construction and amber glases for welder )